How To Make Iced Coffee That Actually Tastes Like Coffee

How to make iced coffee

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear a term “iced coffee”?

Glass filled with milk, coffee, ice cream and whipped cream isn’t coffee drink, it’s more like coffee flavoured dessert. When I say iced coffee, I mean a drink that actually tastes like coffee without adding ingredients that will change its taste completely.

First, let me show you 3 simple methods how to make iced coffee that tastes like coffee and have less then 10.000 calories.

Method number one

Iced coffee with espresso

For this drink you’ll need a small tumbler glass, ice, milk and double shot of espresso. You can see how to make espresso in my how to articles.

Preparation is quite simple. Take a glass and fill it with ice up to 1/3. Then pour milk but make sure you leave at least 2cm space from the top of your glass. Then just pour double espresso over it and you’re done. If you need sweetener use sugar syrup because regular sugar won’t disolve in cold liquid. Just disolve 1 part of sugar in 1 part of hot water for this.

Tip: Freeze leftovers of your coffees into coffee cubes and use this instead of regular ice cubes.

Method number 2

Iced Cold brew coffee

Cold brew is a method for brewing coffee with cold water. Coffee made with this brewing method have less acidity and less bitternes but it takes up to 20 hours for brewing. You can even brew bulk and keep it in the fridge for 10 days.

This method is also known as cold press or cold drip and you can do it with cold dripper, toddy brewer or simplest way with saucepan and filter bag or some cheesecloth. I suggest to start with coffee and water ratio 1:5 and then change it according to your taste.

Starting ratio1:5
Cold brew concentrate1:2
Stronger french press brew1:7
Lighter french press brew1:12

I’ll show you how to do it with saucepan and filter bag or cheesecloth and how to do it the easiest way with mason jar. First of all you have to know that you want your coffee to be coarse ground. Got it? I like to use coffee beans from Costa Rica because they give a nice fruity flavor to my coffee. Ok, let’s move on..

Cold brew in saucepan

If you choose to use saucepan, take 1 measuring cup of course ground coffee and put it in filter bag. Now tie the top of the bag and put the bag in the saucepan. Pour 5 measuring cups of cold water over the and stir. All that’s left to do is put the lid on the saucepan and leave it in the fridge for about 15 hours. If your saucepan is too big you can brew it on room temperature as well. After 15 hours you can take the saucepan out and squeeze the remaining coffee from cheesecloth, bottle it up and enjoy whenever you want. Pour it straight over ice or mix with milk, it’s up to you. Easy, right?

If you want to brew in mason jars it’s the same procedure but you don’t have to use filter bag, you can strain it easily when it’s done.

Method number 3

Iced Filter coffee

Iced filter coffee is simple filter coffee poured over ice, you can mix it with milk or put some cream on top. Filter coffee can be made with a pourover or aeropress and this method realy lets fruity flavors of coffee to come through. Last month I’ve tried Kenya Peaberry and it came out perfect with aeropress.

To make iced coffee with aeropress you’ll need aeropress brewer off course, digital scale, medium ground coffee (aim for the structure a bit finer then sea salt), hot water (about 90°celsius), ice and tumbler glass.

First, take 1 measuring spoon of coffee and that is about 15 grams, and put it in aeropress. Coffee water ratio should be 1:2 and that means that you’ll need 30 grams of water for 15 grams of coffee. Keep in mind that water has to be at 90°celsius. Now pour 30 g of hot water over coffee and stir. Wait 1 minute and then lock the cap on aeropress, flip it upside down and put aeropress on a tumbler glass filled with ice. Start applying pressure downward. When you hear hiss sound you’re done with brewing. You can serve it up black, or with a small amount of milk or cream.


That’s it, I showed you 3 easy methods how to make iced coffee that tastes like coffee and not like a dessert. It’s up to you are you going to try all methods or just one but with any of these methods and quality coffee beans you’ll make yourself a great cup of coffee. If you noticed that in two methods you use hot water for brewing and in one method cold water, you may be wondering what is the difference between hot water brew and cold water brew.

What method are you using when making iced coffee? I would like to hear your methods, feel free to comment. Also if you have any questions just ask, I’ll be more then happy to answer all of them.

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